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Luc Adrien abstract art

Welcome to my abstract art gallery-boutique

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Tableau abstrait monochrome noir mat et brillant par Luc Adrien artiste peintre
Peinture abstraite texturée noire par Luc Adrien artiste peintre

My vision of abstract art

In figurative visual art, the artist submits for the appreciation of the observer a personal interpretation of a known landscape. In abstraction, the role is reversed. The observer is free to imagine his own landscape in the face of the artist's plastic proposal. Abstraction can give rise to new reflections or interpretations with each contact, generally surprisingly diverse from one person to another.

I am a fan of pure abstraction, with a vision of visual art that I would describe as architectural, even sculptural, often minimalist, inspired by the master of the outrenoir, Pierre Soulages. 

I like to work on texture, relief, contrasts, colors and light reflections on the material, with acrylic or mixed media on gallery-size canvas. 


Each painting is a new exploration, following no pre-established recipe. Each step gives a result which will lead to the next one. The project evolves, changes, orients itself according to the evolution that the plasticity of the canvas inspires.


And particularly in abstraction, because of its symbolic charge, I like the use of black which can greatly stimulate the creative imagination of the viewer.

By marrying, opposing or superimposing black, colors and light, I have fun with concepts of luminous emergence, inspired by the history of philosophy, mythology, or by the incredible aspects of reality revealed by quantum physics or astrophysics.

Abstract textured painting in black and colors by Luc Adrien abstract art

“Black is the queen of colors”

Auguste Renoir​

Leonardo da Vinci and his contemporaries considered that black is not a color. Indeed, in the history of painting, from the artists of the Lascaux cave, through those of the Renaissance, like Caravaggio, and until the 19th century, black was mainly used to highlight in value and to make the colors pop. 

With modern painters, black is finally recognized as a color in itself, powerful and with a strong emotional charge. The abstract painter Pierre Soulages, the inventor of outrenoir, showed with genius that black in itself can shine powerfully.


For an overview in forty paintings of the use of black in painting, art history enthusiasts can consult the interesting little book from the That’s Art collection:

NOIR, Des artistes de Lascaux à Pierre Soulages (in french).
by Hayley Edwards-Dujardin, published by Éditions du Chêne ISBN 978-2-81232-051-4


If you pass through the south-west of France, be sure to visit the magnificent museum in Rodez dedicated to the master of abstraction, Pierre Soulages, as well as the extraordinary Museum of cave art in Lascaux.

art abstrait par Luc Adrien artiste peintre
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