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NGC 6355

Abstract art representing a globular cluster of stars. Acrylic on canvas on 42 x 42 in. stretcher.

Discover the beauty of the globular cluster NGC 6355 through this captivating work of art. Did you know that stars can glow white, yellow, orange, red or blue, depending on their surface temperature. Contrary to popular belief, blue stars are the hottest, and they shine spectacularly in this artistic depiction. The importance of nuclear fusion of the cores of stars is also highlighted in this work, reminding us that this incredible process is what gives rise to most atoms, making our universe fertile and suitable for life. Add a touch of cosmic fascination to your living space with this artistic depiction of NGC 6355, inspired by the Hubble telescope photo taken in 2022.


The sides of the painting being painted, it can be exhibited without a frame.

However, we can deliver the work with framing. Contact us for options.

Abstract art representing a globular cluster of stars.

  • Possibility of viewing the work in the workshop before purchasing. Free delivery in the greater Montreal area, within a 100 km radius, with custom installation option (with fees).
    For national and international delivery, delivery costs calculated on request based on weight and destination.

    Returnable for exchange within 3 days of receipt.
    Return shipping at buyer’s expense.

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